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That’s right. Did I ever mention I met Michael Kors? Just happened to “bump” into him on the streets. By bumping I mean chasing him down two blocks after realizing it was him. Yep that’s me, paparazzi for sure. Next time remind me to photograph him with my better camera, because this picture is a bit grainy for my taste.


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When people think of sunsets, they normally imagine the setting by an ocean. However, I am not near an ocean. Far from one. Instead, the second best place is most definitely in the woods. The sun setting creates this purple-orange haze that lights up the sky. At least that was the case today.

In the morning, it snowed hard and fast. On the slopes of the mountains, a flurry of snow whipped at my face, and stuck to my neck gator. It bit and stung my face, which is usually the case with snow. By the afternoon however, the furious winds calmed, and I was able to enjoy skiing the rest of the day. By 3:00, the clouds cleared so that the sun could show through.

I was so glad that I could ski today. Or snowboard. My friends are here this week so I can ski with them… which makes it even better. Tomorrow is going to be sick as well. I’m going to a different resort to ski; it’s less crowded and has the same powdery snow.

When I finished skiing and was ready to come home, the sun was already setting. These days the sunlight is so short. But in Tahoe, the lighting is so different. I believe that it is the snow; it creates a rainbow spectrum of colors.

After arriving home, I fetched my camera and tried to photograph the last glimpses of light that pierced through the branches of the trees. Here are the results of my pictures. Unfortunately by then, the lighting was fading so it was hard to keep my camera steady. But I managed to catch some interesting pictures, so here they are…

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Read on, this post is important. I urge you to at least contemplate what I’m about to say. You may not agree with my beliefs, but at least after you have read this, you will have gained some insight into vegetarianism.

I believe meat is not an essential part of our diet. It might be delicious and easy to get nowadays, but it isn’t necessary. This is coming from someone who has not eaten it in over a year. Even with it’s tastiness… I do not miss it. There are so many other foods that taste better. Converting to vegetarianism also allowed me to taste the subtleties of different ingredients. When eating meat, all of the other ingredients were drowned out by the overwhelming presence of the meat.

Animals have emotions. They definitely do not enjoy being killed. Also, the overproduction of meat products has greatly contributed to polluting our environment. The process of killing an animal such as a cow requires many steps that use of fuel and other means which add to the greenhouse effect. Cows produce lots of methane, a gas which adds to global warming. The antibiotics used to grow them also pollute the earth, thus destroying precious resources. The fuel used to ship the meat across the world, to your dinner table, adds up. It takes double the amount of fossil fuel to produce a meat diet than a vegetarian diet. This shows that vegetarians both help themselves and the environment just by not eating meat.

Also, it has been proven that on average, vegetarians are 25% thinner than meat-eaters. From what I’ve seen, this is true. Several of my friends are vegetarian and none of them are in the least bit overweight.

Vegetarians also have a lower cholesterol level. Reasons for this remain in the meat. It clogs the arteries. It is like eating a big pot of glue and feeling it stick to your insides. Then having it remain there, polluting your health. As many know, the higher your cholesterol level is, the higher your risk for heart attack or stroke. So, eating meat is not simply hazardous to your health, but also your life.  Vegetarians live about 7 years longer than meat eaters

A big advantage for vegetarians is cancer prevention. None of us want to get cancer, it can ruin your life, and hurt your family members. But statistically, vegetarians have a higher level of cancer protection than those who consume meat products. People who consume more servings of fruits and vegetables have a dramatically lower level of cancer, by about 50%.

Diabetes is another disease vegetarians breeze past. Studies have shown that an increased intake of healthy nuts and grains lowers the rate of diabetes. It is also shown that eating fruits and vegetables may prevent the risk of diabetes.

In all, studies have shown that a vegetarian diet proves to be healthier and more rewarding than consuming meat.

I would like to now share my personal experience. First off, it has not stunted my growth. This is a concern people have over children who do not eat meat, because they may not have the essential nutrients to grow. However, keeping a consistent diet of the proteins and vitamins yields the same effects that eating meat does, with lower risks of cancer and such. I began last September, after one of my classmates argued that I would not be able to do it. I proved him wrong. I also can think clearer. My ability to focus has improved greatly, which is always a great asset. I feel fresher, less weighed down. Whenever I ate meat, I would feel heavy afterwards, unnecessarily full. Now, I am able to have greater self control over what I eat; I can control my appetite.

For my final thoughts on this subject, I would just like to say that while you may still eat meat, you are now well informed in this subject. I hope you realize that animals have feelings as well and that you are killing them. You might feel more empathy if you have a pet. That is all I have to say, and I hope that this is inspiring and you will take my advice seriously. Because it is important to me.

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One of these photos was taken during the summer… in New York, while the other in San Francisco, but you can imagine they took place at the same time at the same location.

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