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People working in the fashion industry take their jobs very seriously. Too seriously in fact. To outsiders, it seems as if they live in this superficial world where everything is a matter of life or death, and nothing else is more important than buying the latest It shoe or whatever. But since people who aren’t in the fashion world, especially men, don’t really give a crap about high fashion, what’s the point of creating luxury menswear? Well, there isn’t really any point in making these clothes. But if you are into spending a great deal of money on an outfit that isn’t even for a formal occasion, go right ahead.

I am writing this personal article because Men’s fashion week for fall 2010 just concluded, and there was a great deal of strange clothing scattered in there. At Raf Simons, there were cutouts in the jackets, or odd proportions in certain outfits that really made a statement, but not a particularly good one. To one working in the industry, it does provide something fresh and new, but to a buyer, it just looks silly.

Comme des Garçons displayed an array of clothing that frankly, didn’t look too wearable either. From the choice of fabric to the proportions, these clothes would not work. Comme des Garçons stands for “like the boys” meaning masculine, men’s clothing. Normally, it was meant for women and basically the DNA for the clothing line was androgynous yet feminine women’s wear. But when it comes to men’s clothing, I always think what their label name dictates for the style. Maybe they should say “Commes des Filles” but that wouldn’t exactly sell their product. So, although the construction should be lauded, the designs were not what would be ideal for a male customer.

For Junya Watanabe, they showed clothing that was actually wearable, but boring. Sure reinventing the classic suit look has been done before, but this sort of styling could be found at Gap or Banana Republic, which beats the point of creating a high fashion luxury brand. Sticking a flannel shirt or putting a sliver of red lining around the armpit isn’t exciting or frankly something I would buy at such a high price the clothing most likely demands.

One of the strongest collections and true to his styling was John Varvatos. These clothes are what people are going to buy not just because they are wearable, but also because they have a certain appeal that isn’t present in other collections. He presented heavy knits and coats, and those signature thin wrinkly scarves that are all stunning. I also commend Dolce and Gabbana’s collection. It had focus, plus a refined vision that created a collection filled with chunky knits in the form of shirts, sweaters, and coats. Also, there were those signature blazers with that satin strip for the lapel, which I love. They also sometimes made the entire blazer out of satin, which is interesting. In all, the tailoring and choice of material is refreshing.

In conclusion, I think that a lot of designers sometimes lose their sartorial taste, and take fashion way to seriously. This clouds their ability to make great menswear in their strive for making something exciting and new. Critics too applaud designers who take risks, but somehow neglect that these clothes are ugly and completely unwearable. In truth, no one outside of this small fashion industry is going to go into a store and say “I want to buy a suit with a floral pattern on it!” And these people are the ones who are financially supporting the designers. So in all, fashion designers really need to step back and look at their work, and not leave the only wearable pieces for the suits, which is all too typical and predictable of them.


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Mah Doggy

Look at my sad little doggy, lying forlornly on the carpet one sunday afternoon. Her eyes express sadness/stupidity? I’m not quite sure but she always seems so depressed when she’s tired.

Btw her name is Kiki

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Let me tell you how useful and fun photoshop is. Just try it. If you don’t know how to it isn’t fun because you won’t understand how any of it works, but once learned, it is one of the most useful computer skills I know. It is a pain to load though, because I am incredibly lazy and don’t ever feel like opening up the application. Plus, my photoshop application is screwed up and it forces me to “repair” it every time I open it which is a contributing factor in why I never use it.

For this photo however, I just spent an hour wasted of this afternoon creating this photo. But it was fun. I took an image of a snail design inscribed into the concrete floor of my house, and changed some of the hues and other various levels. For the building, I cut the image with just the building and put a blur effect because I can…

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So I guess I should tell you some news.

At my school, where most of my readers are from, there is a fashion show near the end of school. For this event, high schoolers can make clothes for it.

You might think this isn’t really a big deal or you might. Well it isn’t. But it’s sort of a hobby, if you could call it a hobby, of mine.

That photo to the left is the beginning of the dress. That is just sort of like a draft. Before making the final dress I have to drape the pattern, a bit like writing a first draft of an essay. It won’t be perfect but it is the starting point for a great piece of work. I just put the fabric on the dress form and do some stretching and stick a bunch of pins in it and that’s basically all there is to it.

I thought since this is kinda cool I’d post each of the steps to making this dress. However, I used my small digital camera for a couple photos, so unfortunately the quality won’t be as up to par as regular, but what harm could a little photoshopping do?

As april is the fashion show and it is nearing, I’ve almost completed this first outfit, and hopefully plan to make two more if I have time. Another problem other than time is that I need models. At my school, for some reason there is a dearth of models, but it wasn’t always that way. Without guessing the consequences, the fashion people said that everyone could join, but then practically everyone joined, so of course they turned down most of the people, most freshman. And now poor me is without any models to use.

This is just the first step of many more to come. Check back for more photos!

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Sky Compilation

This compilation of photos is the first real editing that I’ve bothered doing. Using photoshop, I adjusted some of the brightness levels, added some color to parts of the photo, and created some contrast in each photo. Then, after much deliberation and tedious work, I arranged the photos in this order, which I must tell you was immensely boring and time consuming. But, I enjoy the end product which I think is one of my better pieces of work.

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Happy As A Clam

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Over the bay

Yesterday, I sent a couple of my photos to the NBC Bay Area news… I’ll see if they posted any of my work!

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