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The Many Uses Of Fruit

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I think I’ll write this post all about me. Just for fun. Those photos above were from a little studio photoshoot that were taken last wednesday. Very fun stuff. The equipment and everything were very professional.

If you search “Cullen” in Urban Dictionary, one of the definitions is as follows:

An extremely awesome friend, gorgeous eyes and hair, gorgeous everything, great photographer, perfect in ALL ways, smart and all around AWESOME.

Ex. That guy is SOOO cullen!

Another Example:

An amazing guy that anybody would be lucky to be with. Aside from his amazing looks and awesome athletic hobbying, he will make you feel like you’re the only person in his world. You’d be lucky to be with him for even two seconds.

Ex: Man, I wish my boyfriend was more of a Cullen.

As you can probably see, my name is pretty amazing (not to sound narcissistic or anything 😀 😀 :D)

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Sunset Clouds

Hello all, it wasn’t really sunset so I should’ve chosen a different title, but the lighting created a sunset-y portrait. Lately around the bay area, at around 5 pm the sky turns into an artificial Northern Lights; always nice to have around your house. So, expect to see more of these photos, but in different colors and places.

Also, I am deeply sorry for not posting new posts very often anymore. I am making a true effort to juggle school work with taking photos, and currently it is very challenging. However, with ski week approaching just 1 week ahead, I can take more time to take photos.

For all you readers, thank you for being patient with me, and I will be sure to post photos more often!

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Our Beautiful Earth

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Mah Doggy

Look at my sad little doggy, lying forlornly on the carpet one sunday afternoon. Her eyes express sadness/stupidity? I’m not quite sure but she always seems so depressed when she’s tired.

Btw her name is Kiki

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Let me tell you how useful and fun photoshop is. Just try it. If you don’t know how to it isn’t fun because you won’t understand how any of it works, but once learned, it is one of the most useful computer skills I know. It is a pain to load though, because I am incredibly lazy and don’t ever feel like opening up the application. Plus, my photoshop application is screwed up and it forces me to “repair” it every time I open it which is a contributing factor in why I never use it.

For this photo however, I just spent an hour wasted of this afternoon creating this photo. But it was fun. I took an image of a snail design inscribed into the concrete floor of my house, and changed some of the hues and other various levels. For the building, I cut the image with just the building and put a blur effect because I can…

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