Death in Forever 21

On Tuesday (sorry late news), a man, dressed in nothing but his underwear jumped from a ledge above Forever 21 to his death stories below. This is just feet from the cable car turnaround near Union Square. What surprised me about this death is one, I was there 10 minutes after the death; two, it is shocking that this person would commit suicide in such a public area, where children walk around on a daily basis.

My family thought at first they were filming for a movie, because of the white sheet I guess, but frantic whispers told me otherwise. I happened to bring my camera. And I just happened to snap a couple photos, but felt guilty afterward. That is why this post came days later than when the event took place.

Anyway, I feel remorse for this poor person, who must have been having a hard time in his life, and I just wanted to say R.I.P. poor stranger.


A Day in SF

Random Trash

Aren’t these just lovely?

I’d like to actually see someone where that in real life 🙂

Or that…

In fact, I think only the last look anyone could truly pull off

Proenza Schouler RTW Fall 2010 – Courtesy of WWD.com.

Last season, Jack and Lazaro (designers for Proenza Schoeler) showed the coolest show in fashion week, but that’s just my opinion. They showed many wild prints and tight sexy clothes inspired by So-Cal girls. This season, while still keeping the sexy vibe and interesting prints, their theme was more styled and dressed up. While not as in-your-face stunning fashion as last season, the subtlety of the outfits this fall made for a grown up type of cool. Besides, we all have to grow up sometime don’t we? (not that I’m a grown up or anything).

The first look alone had a wow factor that definitely would not be considered safe; a white jean imprinted with an eye popping black scribble topped with a heavy structured wool jacket with those wooden button straps pushed the risqué factor exceptionally. This scribble jean (in collaboration with J Brand or so I heard) recurred several more times throughout the show, as well as the warm looking wool jacket, which was deconstructed, changed in proportion, and sectioned with leather in certain parts. This coat was the more predominant silhouette, as it served as the outerwear part for sexy accordion pleated dresses, or shiny fur skirts that peeked out of crisp collared shirts.

Leather was another material that was used in tight dresses and A-line skirts. Ever being hip, Jack and Lazaro kept up with this season’s knee sock trend; however, it came in tights form, which they tried to make slightly imperfect by scrunching them up in some places, or ripping out little sections near the thigh. Plus, being in trend with this fall’s fur trend, they created luxurious fur coats, with lapels made with an entirely separate material.

As the show progressed, Jack and Lazaro’s wild inkblot pattern appeared once again, but in different colors and in bolder usage. There were signature Proenza dresses, but with a more formal feel, due to the collared shirts cut, without sleeves. They experimented with different patterns, such as criss-crossed textures or an intriguing peacock-colored material. The show finished with baby doll dresses, with cutouts underneath you-know-where. These dresses progressed into asymmetrically draped bubble dresses with an abstract flower print. I forgot to mention the shoes – they were really quite something. Their outsides were covered in a sort of chain mail, with straps adorning the ankle of this sexy bootie.

To complete what I must say, this collection was beautifully made, though it wasn’t as eye-popping as last season’s. Critics, bucket-full of cynicism, argue that this collection was too safe, that it didn’t meet the standards that were made from last season. Well, that’s their opinion and mine is mine. And I say that this collection was one of the most well done shows in New York this fall, besides Alexander Wang obviously – because he’s the best of course. So, if not being absolutely awe inspiring that we must bow down at the feet of Jack and Lazaro, this collection exceeded expectations and felt as though the designers put a lot of effort and thought into their work.

Rodarte: Homespun Perfection


In recent seasons, Rodarte has jumped to one of the most anticipated shows of fashion week. This is because of their onslaught of creativity that constantly excites us and leaves us wondering what they’re going to whip up next – every designers dream. Personally, I have not been the biggest fan of Rodarte due to the lack of finish to their clothes (red yarn trains symbolizing trails of blood anyone?). But at the same time I like to see their collections just to see what they have created, that is “see” from my Macbook computer, but it will have to do until I can go to New York and break into one of the cool shows. But I digress, so, back to the collection.

There were definite influences from Mexican culture; however, they interpreted the culture in a new perspective. For one, the normally vibrant colors used were toned down into a lighter, more romantic color palette. But there were their signature knits worked into the outfits perfectly, and nearing the end, white clingy lace that hung in all the right places. The effect was dreamy and it had a certain ghostly feel to it, always the ominous vibe Rodarte has created.

The silhouettes in themselves were different but appealing. Every outfit had an oddity to it; a sheer light pant thrown under a fringe skirt, or dresses that looked as though they were constructed using strips of different fabric. There was also that ankle sock thing going on that I’ve seen in other collections this season. And I still can’t get over how well done their white dresses were made, from the placement of the printed fabrics overlaying the lace, to the unique styling that is truly only Rodarte.

My one criticism would be again, their home sewn quality that always bugs me because of the lack of finesse that defines good quality clothing. The use of knits and brown hues added to that unfinished look that was copied again and again in sweaters, skirts, and even wide-knitted dresses. However, most of the prints were intriguing, such as the beautifully delicate floral prints that graced dresses ever so often. The mix-matched part of the fabric was the only thing I really liked about the lack of refinement in the clothing.

Moving away from the norm of the sinister tough girl attitude, this collection was a refreshing collection. From their bloody dresses from last season to the white lace dresses at the end of this collection, the Rodarte girl really is a customer of many different tastes. While the construction looked sloppy and in need of a hem, there were some brilliant creative ideas and the lightness to the show was a pleasing surprise.

Tavi Gevinson (aka blue haired creep)

Why does this little freaky twerp get a front row seat at the Alexander Wang show? I’m glad that in a few years, when people realize that she’s just a trend, that her opinion doesn’t really matter because they just think she’s cute and generates publicity for the brand at the moment, that I can say, “I told you so!”

Go back to school and have a normal life, Tavi.