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As the show came to an end, the people attending were left in gushing tears of uninhibited emotion. Reading this news from numerous sources, I personally do not see how a fashion show could move an entire crowd into genuine sobs, a feat almost unheard of behind the cold, critical gaze of editors behind their shielded sunglasses. This was due to the intimate approach that Stephano and Domenico chose to experiment.

Playing in the background throughout the entire runway was a video displayed across a large projected screen. From this video, the crowd absorbed the process that went into making the collection. The absolute perfection of the tailoring and construction was admirable, but it was the beauty of the love that Stephano and Domenico put into making these clothes which really blew everyone, including me from my computer screen, away.

Critics in the past say that designers are really exploring their roots, but this saying has become a cliche and commonplace. Every season when critics have nothing left to say, they slap a bunch of big mumble-jumble words together to attempt to sound as if they’re more sophisticated than everyone else. So, in light of this collection, I would just like to say that this time, the designers truly explored their DNA, creating a show full of their authentic classics which they have built their brand off of, and created a video to show the magical element they experienced while making the clothes.

The clothes in themselves were sexy, high quality lingerie-esque clothing, but tailored to perfection. Flawless tailoring was fully implemented throughout the collection in the form of jackets with lace peeking out in an ever-so-suggestive way. There were satin slips which were overlaid with the sexy lace trim, or a full on satin dress styled with gold headphones. Slinky red luscious velvet also crept onto the runway, proving yet again the special touch that Dolce and Gabbana have for creating beautiful clothes out of the most difficult fabrics. The collection then progressed into sheer polka dot dresses and leopard prints which normally I am not a fan of but in this case they were lovely. This collection didn’t break any new boundaries, but instead brushed up on what makes the brand and creating the most classic of the looks in the most beautiful way.

After watching this show, I could see why so many had tears in their eyes, but I wasn’t one of those who broke down crying after a fashion show. I take it that the past few seasons have been all about drama and party clothes and ┬áthe fact that these clothes are so simplistic and down-to-earth is too much for the critics to handle, yet I still did not feel like it was like someone had died there. Maybe that’s another reason: everyone is really sensitive since the death of Alexander Mcqueen, a truly iconic person. Maybe it was the music, which played a bittersweet melody from Moulin Rouge. The true reason I believe is that people are tired of seeing clothes without a message. That takes the meaning out of what they do; so the fact that Marc Jacobs and Dolce and Gabbana thought this differently really makes us question why fashion matters. It is for when shows like this one happen.


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