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Prada RTW Fall 2010 – WWD.com.

Featured at Prada this fall, are clothes of all assortments; However, only for the average grandma from the fifties. Raving reviews were given yet my view is that these clothes look so archaic they belong in a cellar (if you were to still use that term). Prada herself called it “sexy” but her view of sexy must be holed up in a rocking chair, knitting away for hours on end while drinking tea with honey. She also claimed that there was an emphasis on breasts, which vulgar as it sounds, was clearly not present. From the cut of the clothes to the color palette, everything spoke matronly and old.

I suppose sexy and hot to fashion people is subtle, as WWD writes, “sex appeal — this collection had plenty.” Yet the collection began with a long sleeved A-line dress bearing no skin, with darts clearly displayed in the boob area and a hint of black lace (reminiscent of curtains) at the bottom hemline of the dress. This look was completed with grey socks appealing to only people over the age of 95, and was topped with a pointy toed shoe. Tell me what’s sexy about that. Clearly, this collection was so amazing it blew my brains out *cough cough*.

The collection progressed into what normal people would call a curtain-on-a-woman. There was also this interesting wallpaper textile which I think Prada was trying to interpret as a walking wall, or something similar to one. This wallpaper design came not only in one color, but multicolored hues, for all of you who want a different wallpaper dress to wear for every occasion.

Some other intriguing details were explosions of ruffles where a woman’s boobs would be, I suppose this was a halfhearted attempt at making them appear bigger. Also, the cable knit collar; a most popular knit favored by grandmas who enjoy exploring their knitting techniques.

One thing that disturbed me (not that the entire collection didn’t) was that in an effort to keep up with trends, Prada cut holes out of some of the dresses so that the stomach was exposed, and the effect achieved was a dress that looked like someone decided to pull a prank on some poor grandma by cutting out a section of her favorite dress.

Towards the end there were a couple fascinating dresses with ornate beading in them. Too bad they were all black so it was hard to see this stunning revolution in granny fashion. Then at the end there was a textile that looked as if it was copied from the marbling paint technique. A very baroque looking wallpaper print.

This conservative exploration into the depths of the granny archive made for an entertaining show to not only attack with sarcastic, cynical comments, but to also fuss meticulously over the many details that made this show such an awful collection which I have absolutely no clue whatsoever as to why people gushed over it.

and feel free to criticize through comment!

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I personally don’t see the appeal of knitting. My old school encouraged homemade products, in the form of knitted socks and wooden objects, etc. Throughout the period I was there, I had to make the strangest things with knitting and sewing and I don’t even remember the techniques that were used. After leaving this school, I vowed never again to knit or any of these weird methods. It was just such a strange class that I’ve never heard of in any other school. My brother still goes there, and he knits all this stuff and actually likes it. I was good at that stuff, but I never really enjoyed it, especially when the teacher was an uptight, overly strict person who made an absurd fuss over sewing a doll’s head together. That’s another thing, we had to make a doll. I think I sewed a bunch of pins into mine, and it’s balding. A couple of times I feel extremely inclined to give that freakish doll over to my dog, because I hate it. My mother likes it though, which I personally don’t understand. Well, my brother just made this doll-gnome thing, which he seems to like, and I see it as a good dog toy. But then of course, he gets really upset when I play fetch with it; my family can be so strange sometimes. Now, my mother made another of those gnome things, and sent it off to our cousin. She also made a rabbit thing. I took a photo, because the ┬árabbit looked nicer than the strange gnome thing. However, she used a pattern from some book to make the rabbit. Shall I go further with explaining the rituals of this class? I think I will.

My class went through two teachers during this “handwork” class. That was what the class was called. Ever heard of it? The first teacher talked about her son being a juvenile hall monitor or something. Also, she used to visit after she left, and couldn’t remember my name. How friendly. The second teacher was even more uptight and short tempered. The first class she gave us a big prep talk and then proceeded to scream the syllabus of the year. I think we were going to make our own pattern for an animal of our choice… that walked on four legs. Mine looked like a retarded goat even though it was supposed to look like a dog. Whatever! Then, we made our doll. I really did not like making a doll. In eighth grade, we made a pair of pajamas. Normally, I could’ve made a pair in one class, but she had this stupid little procedure that somehow took a whole year. I don’t know how it takes a whole year to make one pair of pajamas. Well, it is finally over and as I said before, I will never make another sock or doll.

Ok, here’s the pictures I took of the rabbit, and the doll I made; the creepy, good-for-nothing doll.

This is the rabbit that my mother somehow made in like a week I think. During finals week, so I wasn’t paying much attention to her furious rate of knitting.

It might be a bit fuzzy… the light wasn’t the greatest. However, I made a diagonal zipper on the jacket thing. I like sideways zippers. They look cooler than regular zippers.

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