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So, call me a tech geek, but after a couple minutes I completely understand how this blog website works. It is just another system to learn. I just need to learn how to change the colors of the links, comments, and title. Anyone know how to do that function? That would be very helpful, thank you!

Currently, I am experimenting bravely into the world of food photography. A great obsession of mine is food, so it would be all befitting that I venture into something that sells millions of food products. From this photo, a cream puff is shown from the Delica Cafe in San Francisco. Full credit goes to their exquisite cuisine and delicious ingredients. The key part to photographing food is the composition. You can’t just take a picture, because the image must be well balanced. It has to be pleasing to the eye, or the viewer will not feel drawn to the dish. Focus in the photo is also in important aspect, because you must decide what to focus on in the meal to make the composition more complete. That is what makes food photography so appealing to me is the challenge. The challenge of achieving a goal that is hard to reach.

This is a description of the yummy absolutely wonderful Vegetarian Sticky Rice from the coveted restaurant; Out The Door. A little bit of information you all should know is that I don’t eat meat. This decision was made last year when someone thought I couldn’t do it, and my personality is very determined to prove people who question my motives, wrong. Did that sentence make any sense? I don’t believe that meat is an essential protein in our diet, as we can substitute it with other various proteins that are a healthier choice and do not harm personal health. That is basically all I have to say on the subject of vegetarianism for now. Perhaps in the near future I will write an entire post on the benefits of not murdering animals.

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