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From blindingly beautiful to wet sleet weather, Tahoe is definitely bipolar. Yesterday, it was the perfect weather; not too warm but a crisp air with the cold sun above. Today, it rained. Skiing was painful, as the rain persisted throughout the day and blurred my vision. Hopefully, by tomorrow it will clear up and freeze, so that skiing won’t be as terribly irritating as it was today. I quit early and now, as I am accustomed to bringing my camera everywhere, I took a couple photos.

This photo I like, because the footsteps I took were the first tracks of the day. Also, the snow is slightly dirtied by road pollution. The grittiness of the snow contrasting the perfectness of the footsteps creates a pleasing overall composition.

That mist on the mountain isn’t snow. It’s like a fog that hangs over the mountain and somehow manages to enter your clothes… despite their waterproofing capabilities. If it fails to penetrate your jacket, it makes your gloves soggy and wet so that you are absolutely miserable. I am really hoping that I can get a good day tomorrow before heading home.

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Tree Studies…

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When people think of sunsets, they normally imagine the setting by an ocean. However, I am not near an ocean. Far from one. Instead, the second best place is most definitely in the woods. The sun setting creates this purple-orange haze that lights up the sky. At least that was the case today.

In the morning, it snowed hard and fast. On the slopes of the mountains, a flurry of snow whipped at my face, and stuck to my neck gator. It bit and stung my face, which is usually the case with snow. By the afternoon however, the furious winds calmed, and I was able to enjoy skiing the rest of the day. By 3:00, the clouds cleared so that the sun could show through.

I was so glad that I could ski today. Or snowboard.¬†My friends are here this week so I can ski with them… which makes it even better.¬†Tomorrow is going to be sick as well. I’m going to a different resort to ski; it’s less crowded and has the same powdery snow.

When I finished skiing and was ready to come home, the sun was already setting. These days the sunlight is so short. But in Tahoe, the lighting is so different. I believe that it is the snow; it creates a rainbow spectrum of colors.

After arriving home, I fetched my camera and tried to photograph the last glimpses of light that pierced through the branches of the trees. Here are the results of my pictures. Unfortunately by then, the lighting was fading so it was hard to keep my camera steady. But I managed to catch some interesting pictures, so here they are…

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A Walk In The Snow…

The weather in Tahoe this morning was breathtakingly beautiful. The sunlight pierced through the clouds, creating an atmospheric setting. Unfortunately, I was not able to go skiing as my garage door got jammed. Reasons for this were stated later by a helpful handyman that efficiently fixed our garage door; the bolts or something were loose so there wasn’t enough bonding to lift the garage door. I think. So, despite missing an excellent day of skiing, I used the opportunity to go on a walk in the woods. The lighting was still amazingly striking, so I brought with me my faithful camera, and took some photos.

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